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I am a Nonprofit professional with a mission to improve organizations in order that they may grow and better serve their constituents. I am engaged by looking at the big picture, planning/strategizing, researching/testing, creating, and pride myself on "getting things done".

Currently the Executive Director of Promise for Haiti, I joined the organization to develop the systems needed to transition the organization from a volunteer to staff-led organization. Marketing, development, and governance systems are being created to ensure sustainability within the organization.

Promise for Haiti was founded in 1981 by Dr. Guy Theodore in conjunction with the Comite de Bienfaisance de Pignon to be a partner in the United States to raise support and awareness for community development projects in Pignon, Haiti. Work in Pignon includes the Hospital Beinfaisance, maternity health and midwifery programs, dental program, safe water projects, agriculture projects, education through nine primary schools and scholarship programs.

On a daily basis I am responsible for the operations of a three person staff, effectively communicating the story of Promise for Haiti, developing lasting partnerships that will build on the long term development success, seeking new opportunities for growth/sustainability, and working with the Board of Directors to insure proper governance and planning.

Visit http://www.promiseforhaiti.org/ to learn more about Promise for Haiti.


I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Political Science from Hope College and a Masters in Nonprofit Leadership from Belmont University where I studied development, leadership, culture, strategy, and other courses related to leadership and running an organization. I also researched and wrote a thesis on integrating social enterprise within the nonprofit model.

My Strengths Finder 2.0 Strengths are: Deliberative, Strategic, Self-Assurance, Futuristic, Competition, and Activator.

My DiSC classic profile is: Creative - "Creative styles exhibit great planning ability and they strive for perfection."

My MBTI is: INTJ - "INTJs are known as the "Systems Builders" of the types, perhaps in part because they possess the unusual trait combination of imagination and reliability."

I believe my skill set offers a unique package of thinking and doing. I consider myself a "big-picture" person who likes to develop long-term ideas and strategies and then begin the process of making those ideas a reality. I strive for perfection in all that I do and I fight for my passions and beliefs. I like to stay organized and focused, but also love to learn new skills and tackle new opportunities. I believe that I am a good fit for an organization that needs a strong, well rounded leader, who can handle a wide variety of tasks with excellence and creativity.

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